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  • German manufactured range of silage harvesting, feeding and manure spreading machinery for Dairy, Beef and general livestock in Australia.

    Strautmann Livestock Machinery

    Verti-Mix 70


    Strautmann Verti Mix 70 Auger Mixer Wagon

    Photograph for illustration purposes - standard specifications may not match those shown.

    The Verti-Mix 70 is ideal for the small farmer with limited tractor horsepower, with a low PTO requirement of only 45hp. Suitable for stud farms getting stock ready for sale, cattle, sheep, goat, and smaller farms having opportunity supplement feeding when paddock feed is in short supply, or finishing stock off ready for market.

    Mixing feed has advantages for both the farmer and livestock. Uniformly mixed feed components provide better nutrition, improved feed efficiency and cost, and the opportunity to reduce wastage. In dry times, when much of the feed is purchased off farm with higher costs, wastage and efficiency are even more critical. Improved nutrition benefits milk yield or weight gain and contributes to animal health and fertility.

    The Strautmann Verti-Mix 70 feed mixer, featuring the Vario2 fast mixing stepped auger, has been built to suit Australian paddock conditions, with an Australian history of over 30 years.



    Verti-Mix Simple Construction
    • The simple construction is built for strength, long life and low maintenance
    • Thick steel plate is used in the critical mixing components for long life
    • The ST 52-3 steel gives strength and long wear life
    • The base plate floor is 15mm, the auguer is 15mm and the bowl walls are 6mm thick
    • Single axle chassis
    • The axle has hydraulic brakes and a manually applied parking brake
    • Wheel chocks are also included
    Verti-Mix Gearbox
    • PTO shaft with shear bolt protection and wide angle joint at the tractor end allows PTO operation to continuously turn over the mix while travelling
    Verti-Mix 70 PArking Stand
    • Adjustable parking stand


    Verti-Mix Mixing Stepped Auger
    • The spiral auger is an effective mixer, however, the Strautmann Vario2 auger is stepped along the spiral causing and additional lift and tumble of the feed materials, increasing the mixing action and mixing efficiency while maintaining feed structure
    • Testing has shown the Vario2 auger has a lower power equipment compared to a smooth spiral auger
    Verti-Mix Mixing Auger
    • The sabre shaped knives on the auger have two positions (standard or extended for increased cutting action)
    • Additional scraper on auger for even and faster emptying
    Verti-Mix counter Knives
    • The mixing bowls have 2 counter knives
    • The counter knife position is manually set
    • With counter knives set in the full inward position, this creates increased resistance for the movement of feed material in the bowl, thereby increasing the cutting action of the auger knives.
    • Unchopped silage or long straw stubble can be chopped during mixing by using the counter knives
    Verti-Mix 70 Oil Reservoir
    • The auger reduction gearbox is oil filled with external oil reservoirs for easy maintenance, while the top auger bearing is greased
    Verti-Mix 70 Galvanised Ladder
    • The galvanised access ladder can be used for inspection and for the addition of small quantity additives


    Verti-Mix Mixer Feedout
    • Righthand side discharge door and drop curtain


    • The door is operated by a direct hydraulic connection to the tractor remotes
    • Door opening height indicator is visible from the tractor
    Verti-Mix 70 Weight Scales
    • Electronic weighscale
    • Easy to use with large display
    • Preset weight function provides improved loading and unloading management
    Verti-Mix 70 Road Lights
    • Road transport lights fitted to the rear


    Length (m)
    Width with side elevator (m)
    Height (m)
    Volume (m3)
    Permitted total weight (kg)
    Unloaded weight (kg)
    Height of Floor Level (m)
    No. of Knives
    PTO Shaft (rpm)
    Auger Speed (rpm)
    Tyres - Single axle Max 6km fully laden
    Power Requirement (kW)
    Power Requirement (hp)


    Click this link to download a brochure.
    Please note that Australian specifications may vary to those shown on the manufacturer's brochure and website.
    Follow this link to the  manufacturer's website (Strautmann)

    Disclaimer: Specifications and features described on the website are subject to change without notice. All care has been taken to present accurate information, however, the company is not liable for unintended errors or omissions.