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  • German manufactured range of silage harvesting, feeding and manure spreading machinery for Dairy, Beef and general livestock in Australia.

    Strautmann Livestock Machinery


    Meet our Brand Ambassadors

    Daisy and Angus are the Strautmann brand ambassadors. They have some pretty strong opinions about their food…




    Meet Daisy, who lives happily in the Gippsland region of Victoria with a herd of 252 cows. They are all well fed thanks to the Strautmann Verti-Mix.

    Daisy is a cow’s cow. She likes to frolic in the paddock with her herd. She has an enviable waistline and produces a profitable milk yield. Daisy knows that other cows aren’t as lucky as her with poorer feeding systems that lead to tiredness, weight loss and poor quality milk production.

    Daisy likes to write signs promoting Strautmann feed mixers. Daisy is a firm believer in Cows’ Rights and wants to bring attention to the importance of uniformly mixed feed components, good nutrition, feed efficiency, lower costs and the opportunity to reduce wastage.



    Meet Angus, who lives in the Murray Darling Basin in QLD with his small herd of 43.

    Angus is big and docile and loves to strut his stuff around the ladies. He’s content knowing his herd is well fed and thriving on high quality feed provided by the robust Strautmann feed mixer, which is perfect for paddocks and the harsh Aussie conditions.

    Angus has heard Daisy boasting about their 45m3 Verti-Mix capacity, but his small herd is more than happy with the 7m3 Verti-Mix. Angus sleeps well at night knowing the Strautmann Verti-Mix keeps him strong and fertile so he can live to strut another day.

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